...to create 6 delicious blends for your toddlers.  We know how important it is that your little ones eat their greens and our squishy pouch is the perfect way for you to introduce even more flavors and nutrients into their young, growing bodies.

Click on a flavor below to read more about what goes inside each of our veggie blends

Serving Instructions:

To heat our pouches up you can either stand them in hot water for a couple of minutes or empty the pouch into a pan and heat gently until warm. Please do not put our pouches in the microwave.

..and squeezing them into our pouches!  Loaded with 100% organic vegetables and fruit, our blends make a nutritious meal for both babies and toddlers. We put all our ingredients on the back of the pack, so you know exactly what is going into your little one’s tummy. 

There's no risk of finding any unknown ingredients; no added sugar, preservatives and definitely nothing artificial. Just 100% yummy veggies and fruit!

We use the squeezy, BPA free pouch to make your life easier; there’s no need for a spoon, no risk of spilling food...and you can reseal it for finishing later.

Our wholesome veggie purees are a meal for young ones, and our generous 4.4oz serving is full of nutrients and healthy goodness.  Each pouch contains 1 of your 5 a day. Squishy fun for kids and mess-free, healthy snacks for appreciative parents!