We've taken the best organic ingredients and blended them up, ready to eat straight from the pouch.  Our tasty snacks are packed full of 100% fruit; nothing else.  What you see is what you get, just delicious, squeezable, fruity goodness. 

Where we can, we source our fruits from Oregon and America.

Our fruit pouches come in 5 tasty varieties.  We put all our ingredients on the back of the pack, so there's no risk of finding any hidden nasties...no added sugar, no preservatives and definitely nothing artificial.  Fruit. Only fruit!

To fill our delicious fruit blends we simply take the fruits on the front of the pack, blend them up and pack the delicious goodness into our pouches.

We use the squeezy, BPA-free pouch to make your life easier.  No more sticky fingers,  no messy fruit peel and you can reseal it for finishing later.

Great for out and about, our clever fruit pouches don't need to be kept in the fridge so you can pop them into lunchboxes, stash them in the stroller or tuck them in the car as a quick and easy road trip snack!

Squishy fun for kids who want food that tastes like Mom's; and delicious, natural snacks for healthy, on-the-go adults.

Click on a flavor below to read more about what goes inside each of our fruity blends
Each one of our pouches contains a full serving of fruit. So far we've blended the teams favorite fruits into our pouches. We would love to hear from you which fruits we should blend next... Please drop us an email at peter@ptorganics.com.
BPA Free Sugar Free 100% Organic Great for on the go
Full serving of fruit